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Whether your business is sending a One-Time Password (OTP), appointment reminder, or marketing campaign, our platform is packed with features to engage your customers.

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Platform Highlights

Our message gateway boosts engagement through 2-way messaging and AI driven automation. Where others focus on delivery, we enable conversations at scale through our global messaging network.
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Multimedia Messaging
Create unique customer experiences and increase cut-through with MMS. Improve the engagement, retention and performance of your campaigns with subject lines, longer character limits and rich-media support.
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Email to SMS
Activate email to SMS with just a few clicks. It’s compatible with any email app including: Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Zoho. No installation needed.
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Delivery Level Reports
Our platform lets you track performance at the account or campaign level. Optimise campaign performance with Delivery Level Reports (DLR), responses, soft bounces, hard bounces, clicks, and opt-outs.
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Automatic Number Formatting
Our platform saves time by automatically formatting phone numbers to exclude landlines, skip duplicates, and add the correct country codes to every number uploaded.
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You can choose to set up multiple accounts using a parent-child structure. This is ideal for businesses with multiple locations, franchises, organisations, or for internal operations.
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Integrate with thousands of no-code apps in minutes, and elevate your campaigns with intelligent SMS sequences.

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Our commitment
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We explore new ideas and curiosity inspires us to make innovative messaging that solves business challenges. Grow your business with messaging that builds brand preference, drives engagement and increases revenue.
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